Fabricados a Mano

Zapatos Personalizados y a su Medida

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Detalle 1


Serie A

Hand-made manufactured. The process starts on sticking the leather with nails to the shoemaker’s last; then, the sole is glued and it’s sewn from the outside. Its characteristics are the sound and the long-lasting qualities. It is only manufactured in standard size numbers, but with different width.

Detalle 1 Serie P (Professionals)

Hand-made manufactured. The leather is stuck to the shoemaker’s last with nails in order to sew all the shoe bottom. From the inside, it is drawn out the shoemaker’s last. Once the shoe is sewn, it is put again in the shoemaker’s last in order to place on the needle work a sole with a special thickness and quality, providing a shoe with exceptional sound and long-lasting conditions. It is manufactured in standard size numbers and different widths or as the shoes, measure-made, ordered directly in our shop.

Detalle 1 Serie S

Hand-made manufactured. Professional quality, but with a total or partial sole suede, which provides a greater flexibility and readiness to dance in special pavements.

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Detalle 7 Detalle 8

In spite of, that the handmade shoes have its long-lasting and its sound qualities as the main characteristics, moreover, GALLARDO cares greatly the details, not only on his design but also in his finish, in order to give brightness and elegance to the shoes.

We try to offer our clients handmade shoes, which incorporate the best of tradition with a constant spirit of renewal, in order to adapt ourselves, all the time, to the need of our clients.

In the designs of the last models that we have incorporated to our catalogue, we show details, quite new (fretwork, buckles more attractive, laces and ribbons, Velcro, and different combinations of materials and colours, etc.), that give a new aesthetic, more modern and original, but without loosing our own character, that always we have maintained in our footwear.